All Cotton Puffer

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All Cotton Puffer ТКП301

Limited run of 6 by color.

*sorry for poor pics...

Inspired by a widely used in the Soviet past military/work winter jacket called ‘Vatnik’, with a pinch of ‘Brown,s Beach Jacket’ spices in details.

Soft and warm jacket is constructed with recycled cotton wool insulation and taped all-round with cotton canvas tape. Front pockets with same insulation and taping giving warm place for hands and smooth vintage look.
Not much was taken from "Vatnik' jacket, which was rough and cheaply made for Soviet military needs, but the idea of easy all cotton warm jacket.

The Jacket is coming in Olive Corduroy and Indigo denim options. First is more chubby with its sort fabric texture and the way it draping. Another, is more rough in his 11 oz 2x1 indigo denim and going to fade nicely. Both are easy on and warm enough for mild winter.  
  • 11 Oz 2x1 indigo selvedge denim Collect or Olive cotton corduroy
  • Soft fit letting layering
  • Cotton wool insulated and light cotton hbt lined
  • Taped all-round 
  • Insulated and taped front pockets, couple inner pockets.
  • Snap buttons closure.

Proudly Made in Moscow, Russia

Size Chart
Size Small Medium Large XLarge
  in cm in cm in cm in cm
Chest 21 3/4 54,5 23 1/4 58 24 1/2 61,5 26 66
Sleeve length 24 3/4 63 25 1/4 64 25 3/4 65,5 26 1/4 66,5
Back length 27 1/2 70 28 1/2 72,5 29 1/2 75 30 1/2 77,5
Shoulders 18 1/8 46 19 1/4 49 20 1/4 51,5 21 1/4 54


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